We have many opportunities to engage with our local community.

  • Community Links

Since 2010, Nightingales and Kingfishers classes have had a link with Otterbourne Primary School.  Once a term about 15 children from Otterbourne school come with their teachers to join us for either TacPac or Art.  
Shepherds Down children have attended plays and pantomimes put on by Otterbourne school. There are so many positive outcomes as a result of us meeting up including meeting new friends, sharing activities and experiences and social interaction.

All of our contacts enable Shepherds Down to be firmly embedded within the wider community of Winchester making the school known and regarded by a broader network.


  • Christchurch

Christchurch in Winchester is a vibrant and active Church of England church which has a strong commitment to working with young people.  This includes the leading of assemblies in school.  The Schools team visit on a termly basis and present an assembly on an agreed theme.  On occasions the vicar comes too!

The team members adapt very well to the needs of our pupils and deliver excellently planned, differentiated topics underpinned with a Christian message.  These occasions are well received by children and staff and provide variety, interest and excitement.


  • The Pilgrims School

Pilgrims School has undertaken significant fundraising for us - specifically to support the music therapy provision in school.  We are delighted that there has also been some collaborative work in music and drama and we continue to hold joint musical events.  The pupils spend time in classes alongside our children and this activity has proved mutually beneficial.


  • Winchester College

Pupils from Winchester College regularly visit the school - usually weekly, to support activities in class.  This has been very successful as again it is of mutual enjoyment and benefit.  As part of their community support programme, students also help on specific occasions such as the school fĂȘte.


  • Local Childrens Partnership

Although there is no longer a statutory requirement for the Local Authority to have a children's trust and local partnerships, in Hampshire these continue to thrive.

Shepherds Down belongs to the Winchester Local Children's Partnership, we endeavour to ensure that the needs of all our children are identified and met through the Local Winchester Action Plan.


  • Multi-agency working

Here at Shepherds Down we make great efforts to engage and work with any agency that has input to the best needs of our children.

We work closely with the Health Authority, including the Paediatricians, School Medical Officer, Community Nursing Service, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech & Language Therapists.  We liaise with Specialist Teacher Advisors for the visually impaired and hearing impaired.  We work with professionals with expertise in ICT (Information Communication Technology) mobility and PMLD (Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties) and Music Therapy.

We also liaise closely with the E.P. (Educational Psychology) Service, Social Care, Learning Disabilities Team, CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Team)
Once a term the Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher meet with the Therapists to update each other on any new children or children's changing needs.

In addition we meet once a half term for a SHIP meeting (School Home Integration Partnership) to discuss the work being carried out at home.  These meetings are open to all agencies to attend and are extremely useful.

Partnerships and multi-agency working is crucial and hugely beneficial element of life at Shepherds Down.


  • Medical Services

The school Medical Officer and Paediatricians hold regular clinics at Shepherds Down.  This allows Parents & Carers to meet with the professionals whilst their child remains in class until required.

This helps reduce the stress levels of having to wait in a busy hospital waiting room.
Children also have their sight, hearing, height, weight and teeth regularly checked by the Community Nursing Team.

For children who require regular medication or interventions, the school has robust healthcare plans in place.  

We also have the part-time services of a School Nurse, who liaises with parents and provides invaluable support, including continence clinics.


  • Business in the Community

Our partnership working extends to local businesses - various companies have supported the school through community based projects such as decorating, gardening, building raised flower beds, volunteering etc.  This has extended our profile, has been mutually beneficial and great fun!  If you are a company browsing our site and are interested - please do get in touch.  We provide very good chocolate biscuits!